We always want to hear from talented people with a passion for what we do, whether you're a new graduate or a programmer with years of experience.

Even if you don't see a position listed below, you're welcome to send your CV and a speculative cover letter to If you have any questions, please e-mail for a graduate job description and details of how to apply.

current vacancies

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Also shown below are vacancies at our sister companies, when they have them. These companies are; Brompton Technology – a manufacturer of LED video processing solutions, Pharos Architectural Controls - a manufacturer of lighting and audio-visual control solutions, and SixEye – a new venture developing a cloud platform to unify lighting and AV remote management.

working here

train on the job

Because we work in research and development, we’re used to honing in on potential and nurturing it into something brilliant. We believe the best way to learn is by doing – which is why we offer on-the-job training to new grads who are as passionate about tech as we are.


Everyone is built differently. Maybe you’re a night owl who likes to code in the evenings, or maybe you’re at your brightest when tinkering with tech over your morning coffee. Whatever kind of person you are, Carallon offers flexibility in working hours; as long as you get the job done, you can adjust your hours to suit you.

everyone's an engineer

At Carallon, all the managers are also engineers and software developers. This is true all the way up to the Managing Director. The company was founded by and is still led by engineers. This fosters a supportive work environment where like-minded people can easily collaborate to solve problems.

multiple projects

Carallon develops for lots of different products simultaneously. You’ll be challenged with creating completely new solutions as well as troubleshooting or optimising existing products. This means both that you’ll never get bored, and that you get to learn what you’re best at and most interested in.

summer internships

We offer both six month placements and 8-10 week summer internships in both software and electronics, giving you the opportunity to learn and earn during your summer holidays. We treat our interns like every other member of the team. This includes flexibility in working hours and on-the-job training.

build a career

Many of our long-standing current Carallon employees started off as new graduates. We pride ourselves on having created a supportive and challenging teaching environment where you can develop your skills in the areas that interest you, and build a rewarding, lasting career.

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