Working at the cutting edge of entertainment technology

We are a company of designers, software developers and hardware engineers
working together to build industry-leading entertainment technology products.

Who we are

Carallon was established in 2004 and is based in West London. We are specialists in control systems for the entertainment industry, with a long track record of producing iconic, industry-leading products across multiple sectors.

We work with many industry leaders as a partner providing product development and manufacturing services. We innovate as well, turning ideas into products, and start-ups into industry-leading brands, which we support with services that go beyond product development to include manufacturing, logistics, marketing, IT and finance services.

Our engineering team is based in West London in the UK – but our multi-award-winning products are in use all around the world: Theme parks. Palaces. Churches. Bridges. Art installations. Malls. Museums. Airports. On the sets of ground-breaking blockbuster films and TV. And on the world tours of international superstars.

What we do

We work out what the industry needs, and we make it. From concept to creation, it all happens in house.

We design and build innovative, reliable solutions – powerful, user-friendly, resilient products with style, that are rugged enough to withstand the rigours of touring, smart enough to integrate with a film set, and powerful enough to run huge, responsive installations 24/7, 365 days of the year.

We are specialists in real-time control systems. We create embedded firmware and powerful graphical user interfaces, deployed across many platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android).We are experts in industrial design, electronics, FPGA system design, networking, graphics and video processing.

Product Designers

We have a team of skilled product and software designers who research our customers' problems and work closely to create elegant, innovative, user-friendly solutions.

Software Developers

Our software team are responsible for the initial design and continued feature development of our many different software offerings, creating innovative solutions and coding robust, genuinely useful programs.

Hardware Engineers

Electronics and FGPA engineers work together to ensure our products maintain our industry-leading levels of reliability and functionality, whilst pushing the boundaries of what the current tech is capable of.


Our work

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