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Pharos Controls

Pharos designs and manufactures market-leading control solutions for integrated video, audio and lighting in retail, themed and architectural environments.

Pharos is part of the Carallon group and the Carallon development team is responsible for the creation and ongoing development of all Pharos products, including:

  • Lighting Playback Controller (LPC)
  • LPC X
  • Video Lighting Controller (VLC)
  • Designer Software
  • Fixture Database (see below for more details)

Brompton Technology

Brompton Technology designs and manufactures next-generation LED video processing solutions for live entertainment.

Brompton is part of the Carallon group and the Carallon development team is responsible for the creation and ongoing development of all Brompton products, including:

  • Tessera M-, S- and T-Series
  • Tessera R2

Martin Professional

Martin Professional is a world leader in the creation of dynamic lighting solutions for the entertainment, architectural, and commercial sectors. Martin lighting solutions are industry standard on top tours and events, grace prestigious theatres, energize nightclubs, and decorate major television studios around the globe.

Developed by Carallon:


Kinesys is a ground-breaking and innovative technology company specialising in the design, build and installation of motion control systems for the entertainment industry.

Developed by Carallon:


ETC is a global entertainment and architectural lighting company dedicated to providing customers with the best and most innovative lighting products, services and solutions.

Developed by Carallon:


DVI Parrot

The DVI Parrot acts as an EDID emulator, allowing users to override the EDID that is sent from a display device to the graphics cards, and force graphics cards to output in particular modes. The EDID emulation also means that the display device - such as a projector or LED video wall - can be disconnected without confusing the source video equipment.

It is available for sale exclusively through TMB.

Carallon Fixture Database

Carallon provides a subscription service that provides fixture data in a standard format to controls manufacturers. This service is used by some of the most well-known control manufacturers in the industry. The libraries generated from it are used in consoles and controllers in many different market sectors, and with many different hardware configurations.

Download the overview here.

Some companies that use the Carallon Fixture Database include Chroma-QETCMA LightingOpenClear, and Zero 88.

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